Giveaway Time! We finally hit 10K Followers on IG!

Hello Dear fans of Fire Loop,

Thank you for supporting us up to this point. It’s been quite the journey since we first opened our doors on January 20th 2020. Despite us having to shutdown for at least 4 months during 2020, we were able to build a solid supportive fan-base that kept us going, and built our brand up to be the #1 VR entertainment hub within a 20 miles radius of our location in Irvine, CA. Don’t believe us? Check us out on Yelp, where we held a 5 star standard, and customers are guaranteed a fun time, where they never leave unsatisfied with their experience! Yelp is not the only social platform where we are winning. Our Instagram page started with less than 200 followers when we first started, and now fast-forward after a year of operations, we are hover over 10,000 followers and growing rapidly day-by-day! Once again, thank you so much for getting us here! As always, we promise to continue delivering excellence, with safe, clean, and fun Virtual Reality experiences that will leave you talking about it for days after!

In order to celebrate our 10K followers, with the years success and growth so far, we decided to do a giveaway on Instagram for our wonderful fans. For details, click the image below to take you to our post where you get a chance to win a $100 gift card, and for all rules and regulations with the giveaway, click here.