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Game Description: Enter the competitive arena of the Slugterra universe! With your team use the slug-slingers to shoot slugs while jumping from platform to platform in the deep, cavernous underground. Explore the expansive and multilevel game-space using each slug’s special powers to gain the advantage against the other team to achieve victory.

Characters: Choose from Eli, the ‘All-Rounder’, with his combination of offensive fire and electrical slugs; Trixie, the ‘Tactician, whose slugs slow opponents down and penetrate through cover; Pronto, the ‘Rogue’, whose jetpack lets him move quickly while he smokes players with fart clouds or goos them with acidic slime; or Kord, the “Tank”, who moves more slowly, but can hammer his opponents with his Rammstone and Sticky Grenuke slugs.

Arcade Arena: Pull on a headset and step into the virtual world! Haptic vests allow you to feel what’s happening in the game, and controllers let you interact and play.

2-4 Players | Ages 6+

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