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Zombyte 2.0

Game Description: Upgraded graphics, and with a new map! Join the Z.W.A.T (Zombie Weapons and Tactics) to fight off an army of zombie-like creatures: humans with brain enhancements that have been infected by a computer virus. But these zombies aren’t alone – they are joined by a force of infected robots. Each enemy attacks in a different way, so you must communicate with your team and maneuver to avoid being hit. Do you dare to take on the invasion with your friends? With cutting-edge graphics and hair-raising terror, this experience is not for the faint of heart!

Arcade Arena: Pull on a headset and step into the virtual world! Haptic vests allow you to feel what’s happening in the game, and controllers let you interact and play.

2-4 Players | Ages 9+


* This game cannot be booked online individually, but we allow you to BOOK through the Double Trouble Zombyte Bundle, 3G , and 5G bundle options. Customers are also welcome to purchase this game experience when present in the store.




Out of stock