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Fire Loop VR: Elevate Your Next Private Event

Imagine immersing yourself and your guests in breathtaking new realms at your next event. With Fire Loop VR, morph any celebration into an extraordinary odyssey. Situated in the heart of Orange County, we extend spellbinding virtual reality experiences designed for unforgettable group engagements. Embark on a matchless journey, making your events the talk of the town!

Thinking of Hosting an Unforgettable Event in Orange County?

Break free from the mundane—swap the typical arcade, mini-golf, or backyard BBQ gathering for a groundbreaking virtual celebration!

From birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and receptions to quinceañeras and corporate events, Fire Loop VR is your go-to destination in Orange County. Our affordable group packages make thrilling VR experiences accessible to everyone.

Conveniently located in California’s Irvine at the Diamond Jamboree Shopping Center, and in Anaheim at the STC GardenWalk Shopping Center, we are surrounded by a plethora of local eateries to please every palate.

Our experiences are recommended for ages 7 and up, and our zombie games are recommended for ages 10 and up. If you’re under 10, you can still play our zombie games, but you’ll need your parents’ permission first.

Unmatched Virtual Reality Adventures

Say goodbye to traditional event venues and welcome the future with our first-class, immersive VR experiences. At Fire Loop VR, participants don’t just play; they delve into the game, feeling every sensation, from the rush of wind to the warmth of fire, intensifying the adventure and leaving a lasting imprint on your guests.

Diverse and Unique Experiences

Our meticulously sculpted arenas in Irvine and Anaheim provide a myriad of entrancing experiences. Whether you’re fending off zombies or navigating strategic scenarios, our family-friendly entertainment guarantees fun for all ages, making it ideal for any event size.

Locations and Features


Where Elegance Meets Adventure

Fire Loop VR

Nestled in the heart of Irvine at the renowned Diamond Jamboree Shopping Center, our state-of-the-art VR arenas are a hub of technology and excitement. These arenas are equipped with cutting-edge 4D hyper-reality effects and ultra-haptic feedback, delivering an unmatched level of realism and immersion. Participants are not just players but adventurers navigating through exciting and diverse virtual worlds, feeling every motion and sensation, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Beyond the adventure, our Irvine location is also surrounded by an array of esteemed local eateries, perfect for adding a dining experience to your event, providing a comprehensive package of fun and food, making the event planning seamless and stress-free.

Pricing (Irvine)

Length of Time Price Per Hour
One Hour $489
Two Hours $729 $365
Three Hours $859 $286
Four Hours $939 $235


Dive Into the Fun​

Situated near the magical world of Disneyland, our Anaheim location embodies the epitome of fun and freedom. Recently unveiled as a pop-up store inside the STC Gardenwalk plaza, it’s designed for exhilarating, seamless group experiences.

Here, the adventure is limitless. Engage in thrilling group missions, fighting zombies, or exploring uncharted territories. The possibilities are boundless, ensuring every event is uniquely memorable. With an abundance of nearby food options, effortlessly incorporate delectable catering into your event. When filling out our contact form, simply express your interest in food options, and we will promptly provide details of our partnered restaurants, ensuring your event is not only exciting but also satisfying for all your guests.

Pricing (Anaheim)

LIMITED TIME OFFER – 25% OFF PRIVATE EVENTS when booked at the Anaheim location!
Length of Time Price 25% OFF Per Hour
One Hour $489 $365
Two Hours $729 $545 $272
Three Hours $859 $644 $214
Four Hours $939 $704 $176

Fire Loop Mobile

We Bring VR to You!

Can’t come to us? No problem at all! With Fire Loop Mobile, we bring the enthralling world of virtual reality straight to your doorstep. This groundbreaking service is designed to transcend traditional event limitations, providing a complete setup for any indoor location and occasion. Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday party, school program, Fire Loop Mobile is committed to delivering hyper-realistic VR experiences that will leave every participant in awe.

Our portable Fire Loop Mobile Arena is embedded with intelligent technology that adapts to obstacles within the play area, making it the only mobile VR experience that fits virtually anywhere (indoors only). The arena sizes range from 14x14ft to 20x20ft, accommodating 4 to 6 players simultaneously, ensuring maximum immersion in a seamlessly realistic virtual environment. Our diverse game selection prioritizes replayability and enjoyment, ensuring there’s a perfect game for everyone, whether you’re exploring new worlds, competing with friends, or teaming up with colleagues.

6 Player Mobile Arena
(20 x 20 ft)

DurationPricePer Hour
One Hour$489
Two Hours$729$365
Three Hours$859$285
Four Hours$939$235

4 Player Mobile Arena
(14 x 14 ft)

DurationPricePer Hour
One Hour$429
Two Hours$635$318
Three Hours$749$250
Four Hours$819$205

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Dan S.
Dan S.
Read More
From the first phone call with Pablo to booking our kids 8th birthday party with Micah over the phone EVERYONE there was helpful and service oriented which unfortunately is rare nowadays. There are plenty of reviews for team bonding and date nights on Yelp for this place but this review is for the parents looking for something fun for the kids. My kid heard from another kid how they had a party at a VR place which by the rules of 2nd grade meant my kid needed to have a party at a VR place. We had a group of 12...8 kids ranging in age from 5 to 11. They had a blast and there were games for all to enjoy (even the parents got in on the fun)...
Sandy B.
Sandy B.
Read More
My Mother's Day surprise - virtual reality gaming adventure! First timers but we are hooked. We laughed, jumped, screamed, and burned some calories. We did 3 adventures - cooking, Angry Birds, and a zombie attack one. They were very helpful to explain everything and how to work the accessories. They take pictures for you to enjoy afterwards so the adventure can live on. Worth the price. Super memorable!! Thank you for making my Mother's Day so special. There is a check-in discount for Yelpers. All geared up for a zombie attack.
Didem G.
Didem G.
Read More
We celebrated my son's 12th birthday in Fire Loop VR, Irvine. I bought 2 hours slot for 7 kids. Kids were amazed with that place! They had enough time to experience both arenas. Staff are kind, knowledgeable, and helpful! They did setup a table in their backyard for cake and food. It was a great and fun experience overall! Thanks to the staff because they made my son's day. All of our guests left the arenas satisfied. Of course I was the happiest mom at the end of the day.
Jenna B.
Jenna B.
Read More
I brought my boyfriend here as a surprise for his birthday. We had an incredible time! It was both our first times and we weren't sure what to expect. I booked the fire 5g bundle so we could choose a few short games. Michael was wonderful and gave the best advice on what games we should play based on what we wanted to experience. I was a little nervous if I would like it because I'm not much of a video game person (my boyfriend is) but I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to learn the games. I wasn't expecting to get so involved and SWEAT! We will definitely be back! Even if you don't play video games I definitely recommend giving this place a try.
Aaron M
Aaron M
Read More
Hosted my 9 YOs birthday party here and it was absolutely amazing. We had two party attendants and the DJ area was within our party area. For birthday parties, you will have the back-half of the store reserved for your party. The tables have phone chargers (super cool), there is a fountain drink machine with a ton of choices (kids loved this).
Jennifer G.
Jennifer G.
Read More
Great place to celebrate your birthday. If you're not a gamer but your friend or significant other is this is a great opportunity to share in that experience. I recommend Mission Z and the cooking one. Best ones they have.
James W.
James W.
Read More
Great service and good selection of games for younger players. All the gear are clean and well maintained. Our host was very patient with all the participants (as young as 7) and thoroughly explained the rules and instructions multiple times. Everyone had a blast.
Susan L.
Susan L.
Read More
Like playing video in an actual interactive scene. Such a great idea for a birthday. My son and his 4 friends have so much fun celebrating his 13th birthday, best location as well for dinner and sweet treats after they play, highly recommend this place.
Summer H.
Summer H.
Read More
So. Much. Fun. I've been really into VR lately, and when I found Fire Loop, I knew I had to book the longest session in the back room with all the gear. Steven and Pablo were awesome guiding us through. Taking off your headset, you don't even know what real life is anymore. Excited to get lost in the other games in the future and can't wait to go back!

Recommended Group Sizes​

DurationIrvine/AnaheimMobile (6 Player Arena)Mobile (4 Player Arena)
One Hour8 People8-10 People6-8 People
Two Hours8-12 People10-12 People8-10 People
Three Hours12-14 People12-16 People10-12 People
Four Hours14-16 People16-20 People12-16 People

If you’re ready to book, give us a call at (949) 336-4600 to speak with a Fire Loop VR Representative. Alternatively, if you’d like to provide more details about your upcoming event, please use the form below, and we’ll promptly reach out to you to arrange all the details.