Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fire Loop?
Fire Loop is a Virtual Reality entertainment venue. Providing group based experiences (up to 4 max per arena) and a large library of premium content.
Where can I experience Fire Loop?
We just opened in Irvine, CA. Located in Diamond Jamboree.

2710 Alton Parkway, Suite 111, Irvine, CA, 92606


What adventures are available right now at Fire Loop?
Variety of Real 4D cooperative and competitive games inside the VR world. Anventure might differ by types: puzzle, family-friendly, shooting, horror, etc.
In our adventures, you feel haptic effects, vibrations, heat, wind, and even smells.
How can I keep up with the latest about Fire Loop?

Check our website to see upcoming releases and subscribe for updates. Also, follow us on social media #FireLoopVR to be among the first to know about new games, events, and promos on the way.

Are Fire Loop games suitable for kids?
Yes, Fire Loop games are suitable for ages 10 and up. All participating guests must meet a minimum age requirement of 10 years, and/or a minimum height requirement of 48 inches. Any guests under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
How many people can participate at a time?
Fire Loop is a social experience. Up to 4 guests may play at a time in one arena. There are two arenas in total with different games and VR effects. If your party has more than four people, your party will be split into multiple groups. Parties with fewer than four may be paired with other guests.
Will I get motion sickness?
While we can’t 100% guarantee it, we have designed our experiences to be very different from other VR experiences you may have tried before. We have room scale, you can freely move around, and we track your entire body. Many of our guests who have experienced motion sickness in other VR experiences do not experience any at all with Fire Loop.
When should I arrive?
Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early to make sure you have the full experience. Late groups may have their game experience cut short.
What should I wear?
We recommend that you dress in light, comfortable clothing. This is an active experience, so wear something that won’t restrict your ability to move around the space.
Can I wear glasses?
Glasses cannot be worn. We recommend that you wear contacts as glasses may get scratched. Alternatively, we have limited sets of corrective lenses we can place in our headsets that range from 200 to 700 degrees if you need them. There’s no need to reserve them as our friendly staff will help you with the corrective lenses before the start of your experience.
What is the Fire Bundle?
We provide a rich library of  fun and addicting “mini-games”. Introducing the Fire Bundle 3G, and Fire Bundle 5G, which are basically a bundle package consisting of your choice of 3, or 5 mini-games. We allow online booking for Fire Bundle 3G and Fire Bundle 5G.

*Single, or Double (Fire Bundle 2G) mini-game sessions can be booked in store for customers who walk-in.

How do I book for a private party? (ex: Birthday, Work, Anniversaries etc.)
We would love to host your private party at Fire Loop VR. We are still working on building a better online system for organizing party events. However, in the meantime, you may contact us at info@fireloopvr.com, and we will do our best to work with you on organizing your private event needs at Fire Loop VR.
How long are the game experiences?
We serve a unique set of experiences that range anywhere from 5 – 30 minutes — depending on the selected game. Our games are currently labeled as Short, Medium, and Long.

Short = 5 minutes of in-game length

Medium = 15 minutes of in-game length

Long = 30 minutes of in-game length

How many people can play?
Here at Fire Loop, we have two arenas, supporting a maximum of 4 players in each arena. We require all experiences to be booked with a minimum 2 players. Technically, we can have 8 people playing at the same time, but in 2 separate arena’s, with different experiences.