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Ghostbusters VR Academy


Game Description: As academy members in training, strap on your proton packs and work together as a team in high-risk ghost encounter scenarios – all under the safeguard of the academy grounds, of course. Learn how to get handy with your proton blasters and traps as you face ghosts that become more menacing than the last as they ascend the floors of a haunted hotel in this amazingly immersive adventure.

Arcade Arena: Pull on a headset and step into the virtual world! Haptic vests allow you to feel what’s happening in the game, and controllers let you interact and play.

2-4 Players | Ages 6+


* This game cannot be booked online individually, but we allow you to BOOK through the Fire Bundle 3G and Fire Bundle 5G bundle options. Customers are also welcome to purchase this game experience when present in the store.


Out of stock

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